Family Reunion, Amtrak, and Friends

Hi Everybody!

I hope this finds y’all doing well. Has it started getting cooler in your corner of the world? It’s been cooler here, particularly at night. It’s beginning to feel like Fall.  (I would love it if the temp didn’t get cooler than this! Haha!)

I’ve had a busy summer and it has gone by wayyy too fast! It’s hard to believe that the year is three-quarters over already!

What are some things you’ve done this summer? Did you have a garden and enjoy home grown veggies? Did you go on vacation? Maybe a family reunion??

My family and I went to the annual Ellis family reunion at the end of July. It’s really hot that time of year in southeastern Virginia but I always look forward to seeing all my family. I have several nieces and nephews and most of them now have kids. I’m always delighted to see everybody…and to get ahold of all those sweet, beautiful babies!! (The older ones are still “babies” too.) I’m in Heaven when I can hold & play with them! And, I think everybody knows babies smell so good too! 🙂

After the reunion was over this year, I decided to stay a little longer to spend extra time with my mom, sisters and my Virginia family. I sent my 2 daughters and hubby home and spent another week there. One awesome thing I did during that week was see the sunrise at Virginia Beach with my lil sis. She & I had tried to do that the last few times I visited and it finally worked out…and BOY, it was TOTALLY worth it! It was AH-MAZ-ING!!! (The pictures don’t come close to showing how awe-inspiring it really was!) 

I came home on Amtrak, a ride that I’ve taken quite a few times. I love travelling by train. Any time I want, I can get up and stretch my legs or get food. I meet lots of interesting people too. I’ve made new friends that I still keep in touch with on Facebook. This trip, I met Rhonda, Tina, Davy and LL. It’s always great to see my old friends too, like RS. I’m looking forward to my next trip! Rhonda, Tina, Davy, RS, LL, if y’all want to stop in Maysville, let me know…I’ll feed ya!

Yes, it was so great to spend time with my family and run around my old stomping ground but it sure was awesome to get home to my hubby Mike and my daughters Jenny & Hannah! (Maybe they appreciate me a little more when I get back too!)

Well, I’ll be going for now but I’ll leave you with some pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

Have a super/awesome/amazing day!


3 gorgeous girls! My daughter Jenny, niece Heather, and niece Christina.

I have such a beautiful family!!! My niece Jessica (holding my great-niece Harper), Heather, Hannah (my baby), Jenny and Christina.

My beautiful little sister Allie with her boyfriend Dan. I’m happy that she’s happy!

This is one of those awesome baby cuddles, with Harper. And, Dan’s fur baby Dillinger decided to take a nap too. Aren’t these two adorable?!

Just coming up to the beach. We made it at the perfect time, didn’t we Allie?? 🙂

A GORGEOUS, majestic sunrise!

More of the beauty…

…and even more. Have you seen such loveliness??

A message I wrote in the sand…I caught it at just the right time…right before the wave took it away! I texted it to my hubby. <3

I found some teeny tiny shells. They may be tiny but they’re still beautiful! I kept them.

I must’ve been contemplating life. Haha! Really I was marveling at how immense and magnificent our world is…and how therapeutic the ocean is for me.

A picture I made recently when I was thinking about that sunrise again and it made my soul smile!

When I told RS and LL that my youngest daughter Hannah thinks I’m too old to take selfies, they thought it was a good idea to take a picture to post on social media. RS stuck his conductor hat on my head…Conductor Renee at your service! LOL! #amtrak Having fun on the 51!


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