My Thoughts On Love and Loss…

Today I don’t have a recipe to share…just some thoughts on love and loss…Sunday night my mother-in-law lost the battle that she’s been fighting so long. We laid her to rest yesterday. (That’s why I haven’t posted recently.)

Mrs Jean Norris was such an amazing, strong woman! She was such a fighter and I’ve seen her go through MANY health problems and illnesses that most people would not have recovered from…but she’d always bounce back. I think that’s a part of why it comes as such a shock that she’s gone now.

In her last months, I helped take care of her so much that it’s really strange not having that responsibility any more. I continuously find myself thinking that I need to go in her room and check on her, or even thinking that I hear her.

I loved her and miss her. And, I’m forever grateful to her for bringing my husband into this world…and being such a big part of what shaped him into the wonderful man he became.

In all of this, I’m reminded once again how quickly someone we love can leave us…and how valuable they are. I’m reminded that I need to make sure that those I love know it without a shadow of a doubt. (And my 15 year old daughter thought I was “clingy” already!)

Another wonderful thing that came of this great loss is we got to spend some more time with Mike’s daughter Alison and her family. They don’t live close and we miss them so much! They made it here in time to see Grandma, but not for long. We could tell that she knew they were there though. She loved her grandchildren so much and we wish that Crystal and her other grandchildren could’ve come too.

I’m really glad that Mike’s brother Donnie, his sister Myra (aka Teeny), along with her husband Jim, and his uncle Jack (aka Uncle Sonny) could make it too. It’s always nice to see them. I just hate that it was for this sad occasion. We have to get together more often!

I have so many friends and family to thank…for food, prayers, condolences, yard work to get ready for the service, singing at the service, good thoughts and well wishes and all-around emotional support. There are too many to name but you know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I’m also really thankful for my two daughters Jennifer (Jenny) and Hannah. They’ve been a great support for their Daddy & me. Their love means the world to us and it was a comfort to have them here with us. And, after the service, they both jumped right in helping with lunch for everybody. (They don’t know just how much that helped me!) Thanks Baby Girls!!!

I guess that’s all I wanted to say at the moment. I hope I didn’t babble on too much. And, you can rest assured that the recipes will keep coming! I’ll post more soon.

In the meantime, go hug and kiss the ones that you love, hold them tight…you never know when you won’t have that chance any more.

Much love to you all,


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